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Grow, Cook, Eat

Cooking show produced by Nomos Productions for RTÉ One. Broadcast in April 2018.

Length: 7 minutes


Dating In The Dark

Reality TV show produced by Two Four for ITV2. Broadcast in September 2016.

Length: 45 minutes

Renaissance Unchained

Presenter-led documentary, directed and presented by Waldemar Januszczak and produced by ZCZ Films. Broadcast on BBC Four in 2016.

Length: 4 minutes


Bob Monkhouse: Million Joke Man

Interview and archive-based documentary for UK TV Gold, produced by Rain Media. Broadcast in June 2015.

Length: 54 seconds.


The One Show 

Presenter-led video segment for ‘The One Show’, produced in-house for BBC and featuring presenter Angela Rippon. Broadcast on BBC One in 2014.

Length: 3 minutes.



The One Show

Presenter-led video segment for The One Show, produced in-house for BBC and featuring presenter Anita Rani. Broadcast on BBC One in 2014. If the video doesn’t automatically play from this point, view from 5m 20s – 7m 53s.

Length: 2 minutes 30 seconds.

See You At The Pictures

Excerpt from interview-based documentary. Produced by Planet Korda Pictures. Broadcast on RTÉ One in 2013.

Length: 4 minutes.

Franc’s DIY Brides

Presenter-led and observational documentary broadcast on RTÉ One in 2012. The show was produced by Firebrand Productions.

Length: 30 seconds.