John Keville, Savage Productions. Producer of ‘You’re Ugly Too’ & ‘Identicals’:

[Sean] has a long relationship with my company Savage Productions … His tenacity, sound judgement and ability to work in testing conditions have made him our go-to sound recordist.

Lucy Fazey, Catsnake Films. Producer of ‘Mynewdesk: Walk and Talk’ & ‘eTalks: The Secret of Food Marketing’:

[Sean] has always been an incredibly reliable and committed member of the team … He is a pleasure to have on any set.

Liam O’Neill, Paradox Pictures. Producer of ‘See You At The Pictures’:

I have always found Sean to be very reliable and hard working. He takes his tasks very seriously and is always professional … I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Lidia Ciszewska, ZCZ Films. Producer of ‘Renaissance Unchained’ & ‘Rococo: Travel, Pleasure, Madness’:

Sean Plunkett worked on numerous shoots with ZCZ. He is very easy going and hard working, which is particularly important on busy documentary shoots …  I would highly recommend him.